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The Commercial


46-47 Catherine St, Limerick. Google MapsArrow
  • The Commercial is a lively bar and venue located on Catherine Street. Alongside its downstairs venue The Record Room, The Commercial hosts live music, DJ’s, comedians, classes, performances and events.
  • The bar's name nods to the former Commercial Hotel that operated out of the building in the late 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The commercial was one of seventeen venues used as part of the 40th EVA International Biennial in 2023, curated by Sebastian Chichocki and titled The Gleaners Society. The venue was used both for the presentation of artworks in the biennial, and for hosting events and performances connected to the programme.
  • Presented in The Commercial’s snug was John Carson’s A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana (1978-79). The work is a collage of photographs of pub exteriors in Buncrana where, In 1978, the artist attempted to drink a bottle of Guinness in each of them within the course of a day. The ethics of marketing and advertising, the goings-on of a small town on the Irish border, and the myth and reality of the sturdy Irish drinker all prominently feature.

Artwork presented at this venue

John Carson, A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana, 1978-79.