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The Furze Bush Café & Bistro

Formerly known as Furze Bush


12 Glentworth St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Located at 11 Glentworth Street, this once-popular meeting place and café is no longer in operation.
  • Glentworth Street is named after Reverend William Cecil Pery, Bishop of Limerick, who was created Baron Glentworth of Mallow in 1790.
  • This site was one of 18 listed venues for the 27th edition of EVA in 2003, curated by Virginia Pérez-Ratton (b. 1950, Costa Rica) and titled On the border of each other.
  • Here, Deirdre Idema (b. 1972, Ireland) presented an installation titled Closer to Home – The Institute of Wallpaper (2003). The artist used wallpaper from her own living room in the café, exposing her intimate personal space to an unsuspecting public.

Artwork presented at this venue

Deirdre Idema, Closer to Home – The Institute of Wallpaper, 2003.