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Catherine Street


Catherine Street, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • One of Limerick’s oldest streets, Catherine Street is thought to be named after Catherine Unthank, a Quaker and member of Limerick’s prominent Pery family.
  • The street is lined with a number of well-known cafés, bars, and (since 2020) the EVA International office. In recent years there has been a grassroots campaign to pedestrianise the street.
  • It was one of 14 listed venues for the 34th edition of EVA in 2010, curated by Elizabeth Hatz (b. 1953, Sweden). SpiritStore presented a participatory social project titled Catherine Street Culture Dig (2010).
  • The project was a cultural exploration of Catherine Street, linking the traders, artists, butchers, and bakers who occupied the street at the time.
  • It resulted in a number of events, including a ‘Packet and Tripe’ culinary event and a weekend programme of street cinema, theatre workshops and performances, taking place between 7 and 9 May 2010.

Artwork presented at this venue

SpiritStore, Catherine Street Culture Dig, 2010.