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Glentworth Street


Glentworth Street, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This site was one of 12 listed venues for the 24th edition of EVA in 2000, curated by Rosa Martínez (b. 1955, Spain), where Santiago Sierra (b. 1966, Spain) staged his performance Obstructed Street with Diverse Elements.
  • Sierra is an internationally acclaimed artist, known for performance and installation art. Much of his work deals with issues of social inequality and the ethics of consent.
  • Taking place adjacent to Limerick’s central police station, Sierra’s performance was designed as a smoking barricade of burning tyres and three overturned cars that had been stolen and were acquired in a requisitioned goods depot.
  • Although permission was obtained from the local authorities to block Glentworth Street, the performance was quickly shut down by the police due to safety concerns. Following subsequent negotiations the work was rescheduled to take place on a Sunday at 6am, when the performance would have fewer repercussions.

Artwork presented at this venue

Santiago Sierra, Obstructed Street with Diverse Elements, 2000.