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Sarsfield Credit Union


Glentworth St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Known locally as the ‘Stone Jug’, t​his temple-like Greek Revival building was constructed in the mid 19th century to the designs of Sir Thomas Deane (b. 1792, Ireland; d. 1871) and later renovated by Thompson Architects.
  • Originally home to Limerick Saving Bank, and later a Permanent TSB, this building now houses the Sarsfield Credit Union, who purchased the building in 2007.
  • This site was one of 12 venues for the 30th edition of EVA in 2006, curated by Katerina Gregos (b. 1967, Greece) and titled give(a)way.
  • Outside this venue, Minerva Cuevas (b. 1975, Mexico) presented a new live performance work The Story of the Celtic Tiger (2006). The performer dressed up in a tiger costume next to an ATM machine, presenting a monologue on the economic landscape of Ireland written by Ciáran O’Driscoll. The work was a comedic and critical response to the economic boom in Ireland during the 1990s and ’00s, nicknamed ‘The Celtic Tiger’.
  • A video of the performance was later presented at the bar Slattery’s.

Artwork presented at this venue

Minerva Cuevas, The Story of the Celtic Tiger, 2006.