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St. John’s Church

Formerly known as Church


St John’s Church, John’s Square, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • St. John’s Church is a deconsecrated church building. It was built in 1851 on the site of a medieval church, to the designs of architect Joseph Welland.
  • Due to the drop in Limerick’s Anglican population, St. John’s Church fell into disuse in the 1970s. The building is now the home of Dance Limerick.
  • This site was one of four venues for the 36th edition of EVA in 2014, curated by Bassam El Baroni (b. 1974, Egypt) and titled AGITATIONISM.
  • That year, Nástio Mosquito (b. 1981, Angola) performed Bee: the Opposite of Cockroach (2014), a live performance commissioned by EVA, in which the artist performed a ‘recipe’ with the golden rules for making motivation.

Artwork presented at this venue

Nástio Mosquito, Bee: the Opposite of Cockroach, 2014.