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Main Building, University of Limerick

Formerly known as The National Institute of Higher Education


Castletroy, Co. LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • The Main Building, colloquially referred to by students as the 'Ski Slopes' is the central administrative building of the University of Limerick.
  • The University of Limerick was the first new university created since the foundation of the state of Ireland in 1922.
  • The Main Building was one of three listed venues for the first edition of EVA, then known as the ‘77 Exhibition of Visual Arts’.
  • This site was one of seventeen venues used for the 40th EVA International Biennial in 2023, curated by Sebastian Chichocki and titled The Gleaners Society.
  • Presented here was Seaweed Story by Seoul based collective ikkibawiKrr (Jungwon Kim, Jieun Cho and Gyeol Ko). Films and objects related to the collective’s recent research focused on seaweeds and haenyeo (female divers who harvest marine products). Blurring the distinction between life and art, the works were produced through a process of land cultivation and collaboration with local growers and harvesters on Jeju Island, South Korea.

Artwork presented at this venue

ikkibawiKrrr, Seaweed Story, + series of Seaweed sculptures, 2022.