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Parkway Valley


Singland, Saingeal, Co. LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This site of land was due to be developed into a shopping complex when construction began in 2007, but it was never completed. It was to have a 250,000-square-foot floor area with 51 retail units, 16 restaurant and cafe units, two financial units, and leisure amenities such as an ice rink, a sports court, a theatre, a concert venue, a healthcare centre, and a park with football pitches and a skate park. The half-built shopping centre lay derelict for many years before being demolished in 2020.
  • This site was one of 10 venues for the 35th EVA  in 2012, curated by Annie Fletcher (b. 1971, Ireland), titled After The Future.
  • It was host to a participatory project called the Urban Tree Project, facilitated by Deirdre Power (b. 1963, Ireland) and Jacki Hehir (b. 1976, Ireland).
  • The Urban Tree Project was a collaborative and participatory process with the local residents of Castletroy View. The project proposed a sustainable green area with the introduction of native trees. It was an ongoing process developed over a 12-month period, culminating in events, workshops and field trips during the period of the exhibition.

Artwork presented at this venue

Deirdre Power and Jacki Hehir, Urban Tree Project, 2012.