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Corner of William Street and Todd’s Bow, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Founded by William Todd and Archibald Murray, Todd’s Department Store had branches in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Limerick.
  • The Limerick branch opened in the 1890s, facing onto O’Connell Street as well as William Street in the city centre.
  • The building became a local landmark due to its stately interior, mahogany counters, and cast-iron ornamental railings.
  • On 25 August 1959, the entire building was gutted by a fire, which nearly engulfed the whole block in flames.
  • Todd‘s Department Store reopened at this site in 1962, and – although since renamed Brown Thomas – remains open to the public to this day.
  • This site was one of nine listed venues for the 18th edition of EVA in 1993, curated by Gloria Moure (b. 1946, Spain).