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Thomas Street Centre


47 Thomas St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This building was completed in 2009 by the O’Malley family, but was left vacant for many years due to the economic downturn between 2008 and 2014.
  • During its vacancy it was occupied by a number of arts organisations such as Faber Studios, Occupy Space and LIKE through the Creative Limerick initiative.
  • Creative Limerick – Connect to the Grid was an initiative coordinated by the Economic Development Department (Limerick City and County Council) and other local partners. The initiative made vacant properties in Limerick temporarily available for use by local creative organisations and individuals.
  • The Thomas Street Centre currently provides office space for Uber with a Starbucks on ground level.
  • This site was one of 14 listed venues for the 34th edition of EVA in 2010, curated by Elizabeth Hatz (b. 1953, Sweden) and titled matters. It was host to an exhibition featuring 27 Irish and international artists.
  • Artist John Gerrard (b. 1974, Ireland) and architect Peter Carroll (b. 1971, Ireland) presented a work titled Pig Slat Benches (2010), a collaboration in the design of eight benches made using the slatted floor sections of pig-production farms.
  • Another work presented at Thomas Street Centre was Ben Mullen’s (b. 1983, Ireland) Mass equals energy, the exact weight of the artists body in flour (2010), an artwork that deposited 76.3 kg of plain white flour on the floor of the exhibition space.

Artwork presented at this venue

Kaspar Aus, Lost Space, 2010.

Matthew Beattie, Wrongness, 2010.

Loretto Cooney, Did you mean fir tree, 2008–09.

Simon English, Untitled Scenes from a Journey, 2008–10.

Leo Fitzmaurice, You’ve changed and grown in so many ways, 2010.

Christina Gangos-Klien, Sundance, 2010.

John Gerrard, Grow Finish Unit, 2008.

John Gerrard and Peter Carroll, Pig Slat Benches, 2010.

Karen Hendy, Timeless Offerings, 2009.

Hans Josephsohn, Untitled, 1970–97.

Michael Kane, Car Park, 2010.

Sandy Kennedy, Suggestive Biscuits, 2009.

Kirsty Kilbane, Intrusion into the Real, 2007–09.

Valérie Kolakis, Almost Familiar Place, 1999.

Sarah Lincoln, Give Way to Light, 2009.

Liu Wei, Hopeless Land, 2008.

Christopher Mahon, Untitled, 2010.

Peter Märkli, Sketches, 2010.

Ben Mullen, Mass equals energy, the exact weight of the artists body in flour, 2010.

Oonagh O’Brien, Owl, 2008.

Patricia Reed, Pin-National Flag, 2009.

Fiona Reilly, EveryNothing 1/6/09 – 8/3/10, 2009–10.

Sai Hua Kuan, Bottles and Fans, 2010.

Myles Shelly, Communication, 2009.

Christine Tauber, dance arabesque, 2008.

David Theobald, The Winnersh Triangle, 2009.

Allard van Hoorn, 001 Urban Songline Latitude: 51.44768° N - 51.44729° N / Longitude: 5.45609° E - 5.45529° E, 2009.

Tara Whelan, Eat Limerick, 2010.