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Augustinian Lane


Augustinian Lane, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Augustinian Lane is named after its proximity to St. Augustine’s Church.
  • This site was one of 18 venues for the 27th edition of EVA in 2003, curated by Virginia Pérez-Ratton (b. 1950, Costa Rica)and titled on the border of each other.
  • Augustinian Lane was one of two sites (with O’Connell Street) where Nicholas Keogh (b. 1977, Ireland) and Paddy Bloomer (b. 1984, Ireland) presented Untitled (Subterranean Installation) (2003), a light installation in the sewers, which was only visible through manhole covers at these locations.
  • This project was part of the artists’ practice of ‘expeditions’ in the subterranean world – the ‘arteries and giblets of the city’ – which they sought to rejuvenate through subtle intervention. The light emitting from the manhole covers was the same type of lighting used for indoor horticulture, designed to stimulate organic growth and germination.

Artwork presented at this venue

Nicholas Keogh and Paddy Bloomer, Untitled (Subterranean Installation), 2003.