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The Grove


11 Cecil St, Limerick. Google MapsArrow
  • Owned by Mother and Daughter Kate Whelan and Sue Hassett, The Grove Veggie Kitchen is a much-loved family-run restaurant. Celebrating over 30 years serving vegetarian, vegan, gluten and/or wheat free main courses and salads, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, The Grove is the longest running vegetarian restaurant in Limerick City.
  • This site was one of seventeen venues used for the 40th EVA International Biennial in 2023, curated by Sebastian Chichocki and titled The Gleaners Society.
  • That year, Navine G. Dossos (b.1982) created The Grove, an installation which took over the entirety of the venue. The work featured a large-scale mural, paintings and tableware developed in collaboration with the restaurant. Intertwined among depictions of local flora and food were various political, cultural and prosaic symbols that relate to the contemporary language of choosing to be meat-free.

Artwork presented at this venue

Navine G. Dossos, The Grove, 2023.