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National Irish Bank

Formerly known as National Irish Bank


17 Patrick St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • The former National Irish Bank building is now occupied by an English language school and a fast-food restaurant.
  • Patrick Street gets its name from Patrick Arthur, a member of the wealthy Limerick merchant family.
  • This site was one of 18 venues for the 27th edition of EVA in 2003, curated by Virginia Pérez-Ratton (b. 1950, Costa Rica) and titled on the border of each other.
  • Here, João Pedro Vale (b. 1976, Portugal) presented a single-channel video titled Do you want to be part of a world of sleeping people? (2002).
  • The video featured a performance by the artist, dressed as a sheep, jumping continuously across the central reservation barrier on a busy street in Cork city. The filming, lasting from dawn to dusk, pursued the artist’s ongoing exploration of sleep and dreams.

Artwork presented at this venue

João Pedro Vale, Do you want to be part of a world of steeping people, 2002.