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Gardens International


Henry St, Limerick.Google MapsArrow
  • At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, William Roche created the ‘Hanging Gardens', a set of tiered gardens between O’Connell Street and Henry Street. Covering almost an acre and reaching 70 feet into the air, the engineered Gardens grew exotic fruits, flowers, and an extensive range of vegetables, on terraces over vaulted storehouses.
  • A component of the building was in part constructed during the 2000s, but with the recession came stagnation, the concrete frame and historic fragments were abandoned and turned to ruins.
  • Limerick Twenty Thirty took over the building in 2016 and completed the project to an award-winning design level – fusing historic Limerick architecture with modern designs.
  • This site was one of seventeen venues used for the 40th edition of EVA International in 2023. Presented here were projects part of the 'Platform Commissions' initiative by artists Cliodhna Timoney, Frank Sweeney, Sarah Durcan, Amna Walayat and a Partnership project by Bea McMahon.
  • Amna Walayat presented a series of painting works that respond to the dialectics of the artist’s identity as a Pakistani woman living and working in Cork, Ireland. Following traditions of allegory and neo-Indo-Persian Miniature painting, The works focus on the navigation of different cultural models of female empowerment, motherhood, citizenship and shame.

Artwork presented at this venue

Amna Walayat, A Flight of Two Half Birds, 2022-23.

Cliodhna Timoney, In the Wee Hours, 2023.

Sarah Durcan, The Invisibles, 2023.

Frank Sweeney, Few Can See, 2023.

Bea McMahon, Another Shot at Love, 2023.