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Former County Council Offices

Formerly known as Limerick City and County Council Offices


79–84 O’Connell Street, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • The former County Council offices were located on O’Connell Street in four interlinked Georgian terraced houses built in the 19th century.
  • This site was one of six listed venues for the 29th edition of EVA in 2005, curated by Dan Cameron (b. 1956, USA).
  • Albano Afonso (b. 1964, Brazil) presented Painting of Light (2004), an immersive light installation that consisted of 200 tiny light bulbs producing a luminous image of Adam and Eve, their bodies connected by hundreds of electrical wires.

Artwork presented at this venue

Albano Afonso, Painting of Light, 2004.

John Beattie, Drawing Thought, 2004.

Lola Rayne Booth, Semi-D, 2005.

Mark Cullen, Cosmic Annihilator, 2004.

Jeanette Doyle, Me is Enough, 2004.

Tim Elford, Site of Iraqi Resistance, 2005.

Frank Hallinan Flood, An Unholy Land, 2004.

Karl Hunter, The Very Thought of You, 2004.

Andrew Johnson and Gerard Staunton, Thursday Afternoon, Two Movements, n.d.

Karin Ludmann, Ham, 2004.

Conor McFeely, Hidden Dips, 2004.

Trish Morrissey, Eighteen and Forty-Five, 2004.

Eamon O’Kane, Mobile Studio, 2004.

Melanie O’Rourke, Cash and Wrap, 2004.

David Pearson, Blackberry Fish, 2004.

David Phillips and Paul Rowley, Microfiche Diamond Trade, 2004.

Chris Sauter, The Nature of Culture, 2005.

Siobhán Tattan, The Play: A Meeting of the Storytellers, the raconteur and the seanachaí, 2004.

Kay Walsh, One Day, 2004.