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8 Pery Square


8 Pery Square, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This terraced three-bay, two-storey townhouse was built in around 1895 in what was once one of Limerick’s most affluent neighbourhoods.
  • The original owners of the houses would have had exclusive access to the park along with other Pery Square residents, before it became a public park (renamed The People’s Park) in 1877.
  • This site was used as a venue in two editions of EVA.
  • In 2000 it was one of 12 listed venues for the 24th edition of EVA, curated by Rosa Martínez (b. 1955, Spain). Eight artists – including Janine Antoni (b. 1964, Bahamas), Caroline McCarthy (b. 1971, Ireland), Katie Holten (b. 1975, Ireland), and Carl Michael von Hausswolff (b. 1956, Sweden) – exhibited in the venue.
  • In the attic of the building, Von Hausswolff exhibited his mixed electronic installation work 3-way system for the possibility of detection of presumably deceased individuals (2000). The work consisted of thirteen ‘sine wave tones’ that transmitted via radio, enabling ghosts to communicate with living people.

Artwork presented at this venue

Jean Conroy, Angel, Little Dresses, 2000.

Patricia Curran Mulligan, Reliquary 1st class/2nd class, 2001.

Dorothy Ann Daly, A delicate Balance, 2000–01.

Clodagh Emoe, Truth, 2000.

Des Farrell, Damselfly and Mallet, 1999.

Des Farrell, Quad, 2000.

Caroline Masterson, Behold the heart which has so loved men, 2000.

Janet Mullarney, Pietà, Sagrada Familia, 2000.

Alice O’Donoghue, Do you know what I feel? When I was a child I made daisy chains and I didn’t know, 2000.

Ben Reilly, Mud, Rose, 2000.

Gina Ryan, Gestures, 2000.

Anne Slocket, Cave Canem, 2000.

Denise Walker, Apotheosis II, 2000.