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6 Pery Square

Formerly known as Ennis Business College (EBC), RHH


6 Pery Square, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This Georgian townhouse was built on a terrace designed by the English architect James Pain in 1838, and known then as the ‘Pery Square Tontine’.
  • Overlooking the People’s Park, the terrace of houses was built for the members of Limerick’s high society in the area known at the time as Newtown Pery.
  • This building went on to become the Ennis Business College and housed the offices for a consulting company called RHH. It is currently being renovated as a private home.
  • This site was one of six listed venues for the 38th edition of EVA in 2018, curated by Inti Guerrero (b. 1983, Colombia).
  • The building’s derelict basement contained work by five Irish and International artists, including Masahito Ono (b. 1983, Japan). Begun in 2014, Years within Years (I Love You Always) is series of photographs that the artist takes of the sunrise every single day, which he then presents in a scroll dedicated to a named individual.

Artwork presented at this venue

Jaime Ávila, James Dean Cars, 2002.

Viriya Chotpanyavisut, Late Summer in Bangkok, 2016.

Francis Matthews, Lower Camden St., 2015.

Masahito Ono, Years within Years (I Love You Always), 2014–ongoing.

Trevor Yeung, Last Summer Sunset, 2016.