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36-39 Nicholas Street, Limerick.Google MapsArrow
  • During the 1990’s, demolition of buildings in the area revealed a historic stone wall containing a fireplace and stone corbels, situated between what were two stone medieval houses. The Fireplace site at numbers 36-39 Nicholas Street is thought to date back to the late 15th century.
  • As part of a revitalisation project, the site has been secured by Limerick City Council with stonemasons carrying out the intricate and delicate work of restoring the fireplace and surrounding structure.
  • This site was one of seventeen venues used for the 40th EVA International in 2023, curated by Sebastian Chichocki and titled The Gleaners Society.
  • In 2023, artist Clodagh Emoe (b.1975) was commissioned to develop a work for this site titled Reflections on a City Lot. The work consisted of a monumental outdoor print of a weed situated at the site. The print shows a weed that was gleaned from the site earlier in the year, and produced through an ecological printmaking process that transfers the plant dyes directly onto paper over the course of several days.

Artwork presented at this venue

Clodagh Emoe, Reflections on a City Lot, 2023.