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Merchant’s Quay


Merchant’s Quay, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Merchant’s Quay is the site of the Long Dock, the supposed landing place of the Vikings.
  • The quay houses the City and County Council Headquarters and the Limerick Courthouse. It has a vantage point of the city along the River Shannon, taking in prominent sites such as King John’s Castle and the Curragower Falls.
  • This site was one of seven listed venues used for Phase 1 of the 39th edition of EVA International in 2020.
  • Bora Baboçi (b. 1988, Albania) presented a spoken audio work titled Predictions (2020). Accessible on a mobile phone through a QR code, the work offered passers-by a fantasy narrative of the Curragower Falls section of the River Shannon.

Artwork presented at this venue

Bora Baboçi, Predictions, 2020.