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Handball Alley, King’s Island


Handball Alley, King’s Island, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Handball alleys were common across Ireland as spaces for the Gaelic game of handball.
  • This site was one of a number of venues for the 29th edition of EVA in 2005, curated by Dan Cameron (b. 1956, USA).
  • A screening event took place on 15 March 2005 to launch a participatory Young EVA project led by Aileen Lambert (b. 1975, Ireland) and Michael Fortune (b. 1975, Ireland), titled The Banshee Lives in the Handball Alley (2005).
  • The video The Banshee Lives in the Handball Alley consisted of an archival collection of local stories told by the fourth and fifth classes of three Limerick schools: St Munchin’s Boys School, St Mary’s Girls School and St Mary’s Boys School.
  • The video was subsequently made available as a DVD, an audio clip taken from the full DVD can be listened to here.

Artwork presented at this venue

Young EV+A,The Banshee Lives in the Handball Alley, 2005.