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Franciscan Friary

Formerly known as Saint Francis Abbey


Franciscan Friary, Henry St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • This Franciscan Friary, built by architect William Corbett in the late 19th century, sits on the site of an older chapel. The Franciscans, who left the city in 2008, were present in Limerick for around 700 years.
  • This site was one of 12 listed venues for the 24th edition of EVA in 2000, curated by Rosa Martínez (b. 1955, Spain).
  • Here, artist Sergio Vega (b. 1959, Argentina) presented Stairway to Eden (1999–2000), a sculptural installation that included a statue of St. Francis, a taxidermied parrot, a step ladder, and a 30-minute soundtrack of field recordings in the Amazon rainforest. Placed close to the altar of the then-functioning church, Vega’s work offered itself as an alternative model of Eden.
  • Vega works in various media, including text, photography, video, sculpture, dioramas, miniature models, and installations. His work deals with social issues, such as colonialist theories and the development of cultural and social conditions.

Artwork presented at this venue

Sergio Vega, Sick as a Parrot, 1999–2000.