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The People's Museum of Limerick, Coach House


Georgian House, 2 Pery Square, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • The Coach is part of The People's Museum of Limerick – a restored Georgian townhouse which serves as a museum of the lives of Limerick people, buildings and streets.
  • The museum is located on Pery Square, in Limericks historic Georgian Quarter. The building was opened as ‘The Georgian House and Garden’ in 1999. In 2014, it was purchased by Limerick Council and became ‘Culture House’ during Limerick’s tenure as City of Culture in 2014.
  • The Coach House was built as a private stables containing the horses of wealthy Limerick citizens. Coachmen employed to maintain the carriages and care for the horses also had residence in the loft of the building.
  • This site was one of 18 listed venues for the 26th edition of EVA in 2002, curated by Apinan Poshyananda (b. 1956, Thailand) and titled heroes + holies.
  • On 16 March 2002, Ciarán O’Doherty (b. 1978, Ireland) developed an artwork titled Social Choker (2002): an installation of inter-connected pipes, pumps, and funnels, described by Apinan Poshyananda as ‘an environment of entropy, religious fanaticism and social malaise.’

Artwork presented at this venue

Óscar Mascareñas, Burrenscapes, 2022.

Rachel Fallon and Alice Maher, The Map, 2021.