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No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa


Georgian Quarter, 1 Pery Square, Limerick.Google MapsArrow
  • No.1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel, spa and restaurant.
  • The building is one of a terrace of six Georgian houses built between 1835 and 1838 by the Pery Square Tontine Company. The square was named after the politician Edmund Sexton Pery. The terrace is notable as one of the finest examples of late Georgian architecture in Limerick and Ireland.
  • Previously, the building was An Óige hostel for Limerick, until its sale and redevelopment in 2006.
  • This venue was used for the 'Platform Commissions' initiative of the 40th edition of EVA International in 2023 – commissioned works by six artists including Phillip McCrilly.
  • Phillip McCrilly’s wet HEAT sweats without scent was presented a website and series of scripted one-on-one massage treatments with accompanying refreshments, performed by Janie Doherty. The performance was set within a space, between an undercover massage parlour the British Army set up in North Belfast in the 1970s, and a high camp adaptation of Nicolas Roeg’s Full Body Massage (1995).

Artwork presented at this venue

Phillip McCrilly, wet HEAT sweats without scent, 2023.