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The Alteration Shop


26 Roches St, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Roches Street is named after the affluent Roche family, who were bankers and merchants in Limerick during the 18th century and supported Edmund Sexton Pery in his development of Newtown Pery.
  • The Alteration Shop is one of numerous vendors in Limerick city that provide adjustments to clothing and textiles.
  • This site was one of seven listed venues used for Phase 1 of the 39th edition of EVA International in 2020.
  • Áine McBride (b. 1987, Ireland) exhibited and/or land, a newly commissioned work selected by Anne Tallentire (b. 1949, UK) and Merve Elveren (b. 1985, Turkey) as part of EVA’s Platform Commission initiative.
  • At this venue, McBride presented one in a series of photographic collages that were distributed across the city, with other works presented at Enable Ireland, Leonard’s, EVA Office and Archive, and O’Connell’s Butchers.

Artwork presented at this venue

Áine McBride, and/or land, 2020.