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Dock Road


Dock Road, LimerickGoogle MapsArrow
  • Dock Road is one of the main arterial roads in and out of the city. It also services the Limerick Docks and the industrial parks that are built up along the river.
  • This site was one of a number of city centre locations for artist Regina Corcoran’s (Ireland) work Alternative Gardens – an urban nature trail (2005), which guided people to locations where weeds were naturally occurring in the urban environment.
  • The artist described her intentions to ‘explore fracture points where nature and civilisation collide and overlap within the urban environment’. The work was designed to encourage ‘people to question their perception of value and order’ and ‘explore the potential of alternatives offered by a world largely disregarded as something quite separate to the human condition’.

Artwork presented at this venue

Regina Corcoran, Alternative Gardens – an urban nature trail, 2005.